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i feel such a sense of urgency with my time. it’s almost as though my time here is limited. it is quite a strange feeling. i feel as though i almost have to rush to accomplish things. it is a challenge to sit and enjoy and BE in the present. is this urgency, or a lack of patience?

i want to accomplish things in my life. i want to be great for myself and for my family. i want to be a role-model. i want to be honourable. i want to provide. i want to get where i want to be. the path there has been challenging and it can be ever-changing. as i accomplish and fulfill and reach one goal, thinking that “i have made it”, i only grow aware that “i haven’t made it”; my benchmark for success and my goal has just evolved. and then i move forward along the path with my new goal set out and defined, striving to attain it. this process is always in flow. as i gather new material, new tools, and new experiences, my goal and my conceptions of where are i want to be move. this has been my process.

through my process and journey forward though, it is this sense of urgency to accomplish my goal that is continually present. i cannot and do not and will not remain idle: sagnation breeds extinction. i am in constantly flow with myself and in my surroundings. new horizons are emerging. new doors and opportunities are coming. just continue to progress forward through your process and remain open.

feeling that sense of urgency

the language that creates reality

the dao that can be spoken about is not the real dao. if it looks as though you are having a good time, the likelihood of you actually having a good time greatly increases. keep smiling. only love can conquer. fides. pax. caritas. strength & honour. courage & confidence. peace & serenity. what i do is about living - enjoying the fullness of life around me. quiet confidence. together. forever. nature is full of infinite causes. i am a contented human being. pure momentum. you must keep moving forward. it is never a question of if, only how. did you ever think that you would be here looking back. so much change has gone on in your life, now let life catch up to you. don’t force anything, allow it to happen. the universe is not a cruel place. you too can walk on water. you can create your own realities. well, here we are. i speak, therefore i am.

saturate the lexicon market

fill it with words. fill it with language. fill it with communications. create a community. create life.

care. hope. LOVE. beauty. awareness. responsibility. connection. peace. enjoy. chocolate. you. me. us. everyone. planet. hugs. coffee. kisses. laughter. fashion. sensitive. comfort. LOVE. fascination. vulnerable. patience. awe. empowerment. emancipation. compassion. liberation. moksha, bodhisatva. float. forward. reflect. learn. change. design. imagination. technology. grace. fides. pax. caritas. chance. satisfaction. honour. nobility. gentle. wonder. hishuk ish tsawalk. plurality. inclusive. community. LOVE. joy. fragile. wonder. language. child. development. LIFE. nurture. interdependence. passion.

At first glance, Amy* is like many busy young moms-she's 34, lives in Alberta, works full-time and is devoted to her five-year-old. "I love my son with all my heart," she says. "My life revolves around this child." Four nights a week from May to June are spent at a sports field, she says.

let’s take a brief moment and pause for luxury…

gems picked up along the way…

– think one word: rascal.  if you appear to be enjoying life, the likelihood that you are enjoying life greatly increases. (g. clooney)

– the more we know about each other, the more we will survive.

– i’m often found talking to myself, in my mind carrying on a dialogue.  I was once told, “the great thing about talking to yourself is that you are never in a disagreement”.  i wish this were true.  i am such a self-critic.

– i got a little girl of my own now, and her fears are mine.  is it brilliant where you are? (d. usher)

hishuk ish ts’awalk

fides pax caritas

– to gather around the table is so magical.  we share great food.  We share great wine.  we share ideas full of change and power.  we share dreams.  we share fears.  we share kisses, hugs, and cheek rubs.  we take care of one another.

– it’s important, when going after a goal, to never lose sight of the integrity of the journey. (a. garcia)

– a person is a person through other persons; you can’t be human in isolation; you are human only in relationships. (d. tutu)

– the expectation of safety and normalcy?  forget that stuff.  put it out of your mind.  to be a good father, you have to give up the expectation of a payoff.  forget trophies and medals.  forget report cards, even.  you have to observe.  you have to listen.  you are a large figure in this person’s life.  no getting around that.  with each year that passes, allow yourself the possibility of becoming smaller.  this both protects them and teaches you.  and don’t be overly proud of your own parental habits.  you’ll get your chance to tell it like it is, to lay down the law.  fathers do.  just don’t relish that, because that shit can snap you in half when it backfires, and you will be old when it does, and so will they.  old enough to wander away. (t. chiarella)

– if you want your kids to listen to you, don’t yell at them.  whisper.  make them lean in.  my kids taught me that. (m. batali)

– how well I remember the night you were born! (grandma)

this is our playlist this weekend! join us as we get lost in the music. #lifeoflealea

creating space

where does the value in creating space lie? and what does it mean to create space? do spaces have any import for the human condition?

space can be considered to be the all-encompassing physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, intellectual, and existential expressions of an actual physical place. a place can exist on its own, however, space does not exist without place. place is required for space. space is not required for place. through this understanding, the value in all places that we engage during our experience and expression of life generate increased importance as each has the propensity to create a very real and valued space.

certainly creating a space can help one focus or create a purpose. without space, is there only emptiness? a space does bring definition, boundary, perimeter, a sense of realization. perhaps it is only within a space where the mind can begin to produce real cognitive outcomes. a space can provide a sense of relaxation to the mind, allowing it to produce creatively and without any sense of inhibition as the mind can be in a state of calm. once the security of a physical space is established, perhaps it is only at this point where the mind can be free to wander and ideas leading to progression are allowed to be expressed without any quandary. in this sense, space begins to act as a place of comfort. a space can then become the conduit for which true personal expression and meaning can be achieved.

create your space. and, create it well!


a little bit of panache before the work week begins! enjoy these days. #stylesunday #fromwhereistand


looking out for one another. finding strength in the support of another. being inter-dependent on our fellow humans. being able to rely on each other and having confidence in that. let us remember that we are not alone on this journey and that it is healthy and good to be strong together. it is much simpler to progress forward with someone on your side and who is looking out for you. many before have experienced very similar things. trust, rely, and be confident that it is good to be inter-dependent. i cannot do this without you.strength and honour.

we really love the use of encouraging language in this piece from the Harvard Business Review.